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Vision of an Indian: Mr.J.P. Rajagopal Iyengar

J.P.RajaGopal Iyengar Sr.Vice President - Operations "Future Eye" started his career about three decades back with a vision: to become the best in the field.He says that passion in doing a job when one employs all the senses results in "Sensational Success".As Success breed further success, he has inspired and started a Pharmaceutical concept "Vision 2010" for a developing country like india under the name and style "FUTURE EYE".

During the last thiry years in the pharmaceutical industry, Rajagopal has been a witness to many telling situations.What has concerned him most has been the ailing millions in micro peripheries of India.This, he says, is just because of non availability of modern medical technology in the interiors of the country.

Rajagopal believes technology should benifit mankind beyong geographical limitations and reach the grass roots level for the benifit of the helpless Millions.He has encapsulated his thoughts in what he calls,"Vision 2010".

The Concept is a landmark one for the industry.He says interpersonal relationships and social responsibility are much more vital than the commercial aspects of any business house.

When Interpersonal relationships are very strong with the client,the commercial aspect becomes a by product and gets taken care of by itself.Very soon the global business community will realise the need to have this shift in focus and it will be adopted irrespective of the size of an organisation.Thoughts and dreams are translated into reality only when these are incubated and inspired constantly through the vision of great leaders.

For Rajagopal,the vision of president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam about "India Super Power 2020". At Future Eye, this is the milestone that Rajagopal has been constantly striving to achieve.When the concept was conceived it was just a spark and it becomes a national movent when he was awarded the distinguished citizenship award by a rotary international and also the memordum of understanding signed with Asia's largest bank State Bank of India.The central point in Rajagopal's Vision is:Technology can act as a catalyst in ensuring health for all.

His journey continues.....

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