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Apollo Wellness Plus launches Age Eraser program for Senior Citizens

Chennai, June 28, 2010: Apollo Wellness Plus has launched Age Eraser - a new wellness program designed especially for people who are 45 years of age and above. This program is aimed at helping people maintain their quality of life as they grow older. This program seeks to help people in their middle ages to perform their daily tasks with ease while enjoying their recreational activities and taking care for themselves by staying fit, trim, strong and mobile for as long as possible.

Age Eraser is not just about merely exercising. This program aims at awakening the champion within you. It represents years of research that can mean the difference between simply letting the aging process master you as opposed to making the next 40 years the best yet. Age Eraser is a combination of regular, sustainable exercise and physical activity using key elements of Yoga, Gym, Stretching, Low Impact Aerobics, Circuit Training, Breathing techniques, and Healthy Dieting & Nutritional Evaluation and Support to provide key nutrients and adequate amounts of energy for the body as well as keeping your mind working at its peak.

Age Eraser Ė An overview
This program starts with easy beginner classes and is customized to allows participants you to advance at their own pace depending on their physical fitness and preparedness.

Age Eraser Beginners Circuit
This module Incorporates gentle upper and lower body weights with abdominal, core strength and flexibility exercises; this module acts as an ideal way of introducing the body to a regular exercise routine.

Postural Fitness
Through this module the body is guided toward postural correctness & age related postural issues such as kyphosis, poke chin. This low-impact class teaches postural awareness, improving your functional core strength while balancing and aligning the spine as a good posture is energizing and helps it strengthens and revitalise the body. (inputs on how this is done is required)

Age Eraser Advanced Circuit
Aimed at the more active Senior citizen, this module includes multi-faceted resistance exercises incorporating balance and core stability, giving you an all body workout. You will leave feeling challenged but energised for the day ahead.

Strength Training
This module is also aimed at a highly fit participant. This module acts as a primary weapon against Aging. Strength training is extremely important in combating the age-related declines in muscle mass, bone density and metabolism. Strength training also helps to decrease back pain, reduce arthritic discomfort, and help prevent or manage some diabetic symptoms.

Sensible and well planned strength training help to lose weight, improve appearance, perform daily tasks such as carrying groceries or climbing stairs with more ease, substantially increases cardiovascular endurance, decrease stress and anxiety, enhances mood, enhance sleep quality and quantity.

Yoga and Relaxation
This module incorporates breathing technique known as Ujjayi breath (victorious breath) that helps strengthens the nervous system, relieves tiredness, and calms the mind in addition to a host of benefits. This is administered in addition to select asanas to suit individual body types such as Tadasana, Vrksasana, Marjariasana, Bhujangasana, Savasana.

Dieting and Nutritional Evaluation
This module will guide you through the doís and doníts of dieting and nutrition. Our certified dietitian will evaluate your health and body type and recommend changes to make your diet more healthy and safe and makes it ideally suited for the Age Eraser program.

The Age Eraser beginner program is open to people who are 45 years of age or above. This program is also offered on a quarter membership basis which is priced at Rs. 8100/- for single member and Rs. 12000/- per couple. For registrations and more information on the Age Eraser program, contact: Apollo Wellness Plus, 4, Rutland Gate, 5th Street, Nungambakkam, or call 044 -28330300, 9551090834, 9710046797.

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